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ACH Clear Pathways is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) committed to providing enriching and new experiences to youth and families through visual and performing arts. We recognize the uniqueness of each person and are committed to providing an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, respected and appreciated.   


Tyian Battle founded ACH Clear Pathways out of her own heartbreak in 2009, Tyian lost her son, Amon C. Harris, who passed away at age 7 due to an (congenital heart defect) undiagnosed heart condition. Amon loved the arts, and Tyian wanted to honor Amon’s memory in a way that provides access to the arts as well as a platform for youth to learn how to manage and express their emotions in a healthy way. Amon’s legacy lives on through Tyian’s passion and the work of ACH Clear Pathways students.


The Hill District neighborhood in Pittsburgh (home of ACH Clear Pathways) was founded on a deep history of the arts, including being the epicenter of Pittsburgh’s jazz and blues scene. Not to mention, it was the birthplace of August Wilson, the legendary Pulitzer Prize winning playwright. Learn more about ACH Clear Pathways here

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Thank you for your support of the Pittsburgh Business Show and the Business Choice Awards! It is because of your votes that ACH Clear Pathways was one of this year's winners. Please help us celebrate by making a donation to our capital campaign! 


ACH Clear Pathways is trying to determine how our donors currently feel about their contribution to our organization. Any information provided within the survey below can remain anonymous however, you are also welcome to provide your information at the end of the survey.


ACH Clear Pathways offers after-school sessions and a creative camp in the summer, which provides access to a variety of art classes. Students also receive hot meals, attend field trips and complete community service projects. Art pieces and skills are celebrated at several showcases throughout the year, and the larger artwork is displayed on/in various buildings in the Hill District. The mission of ACH Clear Pathways is to nurture creativity through the visual and performing arts to youth and families. 


ACH Clear Pathways is achieving its mission by connecting the Hill District and surrounding areas of Pittsburgh to its art history while inspiring the next generation of artists. 


To view a full list of our artist programs or to submit a student application click here.

ACH Clear Pathways Hillman groundbreaking video

Kaufmann Center Renovation Ground Breaking

Check in on our progress as we undergo renovating and expanding the Kaufmann Center. We're so proud to carry on the legacy of this building and continue the growth of ACH Clear Pathways.



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PA State After-School Youth Development Network, PA Association of Non-Profit Organizations, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children, Allegheny Partners for Out of School Time

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Contributing #10532885

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