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Honored with Art

ACH designed the Kaufmann Center as the hub for creativity and can host Artist and exhibits surrounded by historical and meaningful works of art!  

Hill District resident James “Peewee” White was the barber of the late Amon C. Harris and is a professional artist.  Peewee made a commitment to the Founder Tyian Battle, that once she completed renovation on the Kaufmann Center, he would design an art mural in memory of Amon.  

On July 21, 2021, James Peewee White unveiled his work with 75 children enrolled in the 2021 Creative Camp of ACH Clear Pathways.  Which is now a talking piece when one visits the administrative floor of the Kaufmann Center.


Building Community (Art) Historic Archive 

Building Community (Art) Historic Archive 

"Together," was sculpted by Dr. Selma Burke and presented to the Hill House Association in 1975.

The work depicts a male and female figure cradling a baby between their bodies. The themes of family love and unity are found in many of her works.

We are honored to have this piece of work living within our building. 

About Selma Burke

Selma Burke Personal.png

Selma Burke (December 31, 1900 - August 29, 1995) was an American sculptor, educator, and member of the Harlem Renaissance Movement. She received national recognition and became known for her portrait sculpture of Franklin D. Roosevelt, which, according to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, inspired the image of the dime.

Perspectives: An Afro American Visual Exhibit

ACH Clear Pathways, in association with Mr. Roger Smith and the Smith Family Fund, created “Perspectives” which is a traveling art exhibit relative to African American History.  This exhibit  provides s brief narrative and associated images on eight African American historical topics.  This exhibit includes positive topics such as Amanda Gorman’s Inaugural Day speech.  In addition, topics of a disturbing nature such as “Strange Fruit” and Black Wall Street are included.  This exhibit will illuminate and engender an interest in these and other topics related to African-American history.  

A unique feature of this exhibit is its portability. The eight framed prints and portable easels may be transported in 4 art portfolio tote bags.  “Perspectives” is an exhibit to be shared with the community throughout the year.

Organizations, schools, and businesses can purchase this exhibit for a nominal cost. Inquiries can be made to

The Impact

We hope the impact and information shared in our traveling exhibit continues to touch all who have the opportunity to see it. We appreciate everyone who takes the time to visit "Perspectives." 

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