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ACH Clear Pathways has a positive impact on the youth and community of the Hill District and the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh.  Youth are provided with visual and performing arts programming, after-school and through our creative summer camp. Students display their work throughout the Hill District Community and their talent in various expression celebrations throughout each year. 

Spoken Word
& Poetry

Visual Arts and Mosaics


The mosaic project - through fun quality public art- creates an inviting, fun, community space that is also historically significant to the neighborhood and region. 


Martial Arts

Develops discipline through mind, body, and spiritual unification along with history, customs and courtesies of the martial arts to develop character, integrity, etiquette, efforts, and self-control through the proactive of the martial arts way. 

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Theater & Acting


Fall cohort of 2021, each student and teaching artist came together to rehearse an original play about the famous Pittsburgh musician, George Benson. Each student worked together to tell the story of the young artist’s beginnings and success set in ACH Clear Pathway's very own, the Hill District of Pittsburgh! The visual art students, along with being in the play, worked hard to practice performing a live painting by numbers canvas in front of the audience in between scenes during the play.  

Dance students worked to perform the finale of the play, a choreographed dance to George Benson’s “Give Me the Night.” Digital Media students helped to create a documentary about who George Benson was with the help of local community members. Digital Media students who were not actors in the play, also worked as the stage crew for the production. The final performance was a huge success, and we are very proud of what our students achieved.



ACH Clear Pathways offers all different avenues of dance.  Movement and body language allow children who may need an emotional outlet to positively express themselves.


Our dance curriculum is geared to address the following issues.

  • Physical, Child Obesity

  • Mental, Poor Self-Esteem, Anxiety and Depression

  • Social Issues, Violence/Trauma, Aggression, Social Interaction, Family Conflict and  Death of a Loved One


Music & Vocals

ACH Clear Pathways conducts an urban community youth choir as part of our music program.  Children learn both music theory concepts and forms of vocalization and harmonization.  Children rehearse pieces throughout the program and end the program with a concert performance for community members, family and friends. 


The goal of the Music Program is to instill the love of music in the children and give them a basic understanding of various forms of musical expression. The urban community choir will also teach the importance of working and singing together as a team.  


Spoken Word & Poetry

Writing skills and creativity are naturally promoted while children learn to write their own songs, poems, and read the classics.



Creative Camp, Students receive breakfast, lunch and a snack, attend field trips and complete community service projects.  Visual Art projects completed by creative campers are displayed in the Hill District Community! At the end of Creative Camp children are celebrated during a creative showcases which provides an outcomes of their 6-8 week camp experience! 

Creative Camp


Program Summary: The ACH Clear Pathways Creative Camp offers youth, primarily in the Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, access to health screenings; exercise; field trips; artistic programs; and community service projects.


Overview of Program: The purpose of Creative Camp is to expand arts access for children in the Hill District and surrounding area by offering children the opportunity to participate in the arts. The summer program is in memory of a professional artist.   ACH Clear Pathways partners with local agencies which complete the mission of our artistic program.